I appreciate that October hasn't quite come to an end yet but I have a lots of content I wish to upload so I thought I would start with this one. Also, I of course know that this is not an original content idea but I enjoy reading other people's favourite's and often get ideas so I hope that you as my viewers enjoy mine!

(Also a lack in advance for the original images, this will not always be the case!)

Starting with beauty products my first favourite this month has been MAC Honey Love Matte Lipstick.  I am quite the fan of MAC Lipstick's in general and when buying this one I was looking for the perfect autumn nude. There isn't much I can say about MAC Lipstick's that hasn't already been said somewhere but for me these are reasonably priced, last a long time and are not drying despite the matte formula.  http://www.maccosmetics.co.uk/product/shaded/168/310/Products/Lips/Lipstick/Lipstick/index.tmpl 

The second beauty product I have been obsessed with this month are the T-Zone Nose Pore Strips. Some people find the idea of physically unclogging your pores rather grotesque however I am not one of these people! I actually get an immense amount of pleasure knowing this dirt is no longer in my skin. I have even roped my boyfriend into enjoying these! 

Moving on to fashion favourites now... Leather look trousers have been my go to as we have moved from summer to autumn. I got my pair from New Look which is not somewhere I shop often and so was nicely surprised when I went in and found a pair. I wanted a pair because I feel like they add a statement to what could otherwise be a basic outfit and they are great for either the day or the evening. They team great with a fur gilet and some black ankle boots! This pair from New Look were £22.99 and are super comfy, I would definitely recommend them to anyone with a high street budget. I tried to find the link for them online but could not find it! Hopefully you can still grab them in store...

Finally, I adore my new coat. I was absolutely desperate for a new one this year but did not want the usual hooded parker style. I first found this one in black but when I saw the beige option on the back
of the rail I made a grab for it. The fur collar is detachable but gives that extra bit of warmth and I also like that it does not have a full length zip. This means that when it does start to get colder I can wear a jumper underneath or tuck in a scarf without feeling uncomfortable or claustrophobic. It also comes with two deep pockets on either side which are always useful and don't forget students get 10% off all year round! 

As promised above I do some more original content coming soon so keep checking in, thank you for all of the views and support so far,


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