After what seemed like and endless summer, five weeks ago I finally started University.

I did an extra year at college so I am a year behind my peers (which makes me feel so old amongst 18 years olds for some reason) and I'm also not doing the conventional University experience of living in halls on campus. I chose not to live in halls for financial reasons but mostly because I felt like I would not be okay with the anxiety of being in such close proximity of a small amount of people in a small flat.
Commuting everyday means that I have missed out on the "freshers" experience's which does have it's downside and makes me feel lonely. In the first few weeks especially I would often travel to Uni and leave again having not spoken to anybody.

The step up from college to university has hit me like a freight train. I have always been somewhat intelligent in my classes throughout school and college and in a way just breezed through. The pressure of the Harvard referencing system, plagiarism, deadlines and the constant question of "What are you going to do with your degree?" are a lot to deal with.

I am half way through my first semester now, have handed in my first assessments and have slowly started talking to people more and enjoying some familiar faces in lectures so things are picking up in that respect. 

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