Firstly, apologies for the lack on images for this blog post but I wanted to ensure I at list had a post this week.

I see many blogs full of people recommending what beauty products they love and use however you don't as often find anything about products people do not get along with. I have a combination skin complexion and suffer from the usual breakouts as hormones come and go. I have tried so many different products and it has taken me a long time to find the ones that work for me whilst coming across some not so good ones on the way.

1. Rimmel BB Cream £6.99 from Boots - I find this creates a very heavy and patchy coverage on my skin. It does not apply smoothly and dries flaky. Whilst this product is only cheap and it could be used for a basic cover on a low maintenance day it is not something I would not reach for another way.

2. Bobbi Brown Long Wear Foundation £31.50 - I was so disappointed with this product. I heard so many great things about it however it was just not for me. The main thing I didn't get along with was the smell. It had a very strong lavender scent which is great if you like that but having it on your face all day got a bit too much for me.

3. Real Techniques Concealer Brush £7.99 - I am such a fan of every other brush in this range however this one is so scratchy and so much product clogs up in the bristles :(

4.  MAC Myth Lipstick £15.50 - Again, in another circumstance I am a huge fan of MAC lipstick's however for anyone with a pale skin tone this is not the pale lipstick for you!!

I hope you enjoyed reading this week's post! I'll be back next week but for more frequent updates follow me on Instagram @beth_watkinson

See you soon,

Beth x

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