I've been having somewhat of a splurge over the past few weeks, the majority of which is beauty or homeware related but there is an item of clothing thrown in for my own satisfaction. Some of the recent sales have been great for finding some bargains!

First stop was Ikea where I picked up this cute little Cactus set containing three small different shape cacti.  I'm definitely going through a cactus phase at the moment, I think they are adorable decorations and add a sense of life into an otherwise dull set up.  These were only £4.50 for all three and you can get the pots in all different colours but I chose white because it matches what I already have.

Next stop for homeware was Urban Outfitters. I am not a massive fan of the clothes in there just because I don't think that I could pull them off but the little accessory section for the home is fab.  I chose a gold metal 3d frame for £12 which matches my lamp and Nathan (the boyfriend) noticed these Scrabble Lights. We actually saw these scrabble lights in another shop whilst we were in Brighton back in November but for some reason didn't buy them, they were £25 in Urban Outfitters which I am certain you can get them for cheaper elsewhere but as I had student discount anyway were went ahead and got a box. You can choose your own message by simply sticking the letters onto the squares. Nathan chose 'Snooze' and we hung them over our bed.

Customisable lights from Urban Outfitters £25. 

On to beauty goods now. Since they have added the
Nyx range into Boots I have had my eye on the
Lip Lingerie collection. I only bought one to begin with to see how the formula suits my lips and just generally to test the product out. I ordered the shade 'Teddy' which quite a dark nude with varying pink undertones. It has amazing staying power but I definitely recommend to line your lips first as with most darker colours especially if you have thin lips like I do.

One make up brand that I usually stay clear of is Collection (I had an allergic reaction to one of there concealers a while back and it just put me off). That being said I have been hearing good things about them recently and since dropping the '2000' and giving their packaging a facelift they seem to be doing well.  I picked up the Sheer Loose Powder which, I'll be honestly, I haven't been massively thrilled with, and the Contour & Highlight Palette. The powder just cakes onto my skin and doesn't really provide the flawless finish that I am looking for. The darker colour in the contour palette makes my face look muddy however I am pleased with the highlight so it isn't all doom and gloom for Collection!

This isn't my picture! I am still waiting for my delivery.
Finally, I picked up a Make Up Revolution - Correct and Conceal Palette. The way that this product is packaged is gorgeous and once opened could easily be mistaken for a higher end product. I am yet to try all the the colours but the ones that I have used seem to have a really good formula that work well with my skin. They need to be blender well to prevent them from creasing but this is easily achievable as the products are easy to work with.

My last splurge was on a Kylie Lip Kit in the colour Dolce K! It hasn't arrived yet and probably won't until next week because of the Easter Bank Holidays but as soon as it does look out for a review! There will also be plenty of pictures over on my Instagram @beth_watkinson

Thank you very much for reading! I am considering starting a Youtube channel to accompany these blog post's, if you think you would be interested in seeing my posts on another platform please let me know.  At the moment I am quite hesitant as to whether or not something you as my readers will enjoy. I love you all none the less :)

See you next week,

Beth x

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