This week is something slightly different. I have numerous deadlines coming up in the same week at
university so I thought I would take part in my first 'tag' post by letting you all know 25 Facts About Me. I thought that this would also be good for all of the new viewers that I have had visiting recently!

Here goes...

1.  My middle name is after two Queen's. Victoria Anne.
2.  My birthday is in November, thus, making me a Scorpio.
3.  My top 3 TV shows of all time are Downton Abbey, Pretty Little Liars and The Big Bang Theory
4.  I study History and the Modern World at University and will graduate in 2018.
5.  My favourite colours are Rose Gold, Grey or Light Blue
6.  Cats are my favourite animal but I also find Octopuses very interesting.
7.  My cat was called Spicey after the Spice Girls.
8.  I love living near the sea, in fact I can see it from my bedroom window.
9.  My favourite food is pasta, in particular, a carbonara.
Pretty Little Liars Season 1-5 is available on Netflix!

10. Instagram is my favourite form social media. (Follow me @beth_watkinson)
11. I much prefer the winter over the summer.
12. Flying is my favourite way to travel.
13. I have a phobia of the way that spider's move.
14. I wish that I could draw but I can't.
15. I went to the same school as Olympic Gold Medalist, Dani King (Claim to fame)
16. I was a Games Maker in the London Olympics.
17. I am a size 5 shoe which is always sold out as it's the most common.
18. I have never broken a bone.
19. I love to sleep.
This was on the way to Amsterdam earlier this year.

20. I am a brand ambassador for YoYo Wallet
21. Youtube is my second favourite social media platform.
22. I really want to visit South Africa and Thailand.
23. My dream car is a white G Wagon with Matte Black Wheels or an all Black Range Rover
24. I will be 21 this year!!!
25. I'm surprised I managed to come up with this many facts!

So that is it! 25 facts about me! I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a bit more, please let me know in the comments if we have anything in common! I always reply to comments and love visiting your blogs too,

Or, like #10 says, you can also connect with me on Instagram!
Thanks for reading, see you next week!

Beth x 

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