Before buying my own lip kit I read many of these reviews. The majority of which all praised Kylie's products and very few had any negative comments. Whilst I do generally agree with everything that they are saying I feel that for many people buying the lip kits, they are getting the results that they are after because they already look like Kylie Jenner to a certain degree.

I bought one of the liquid lipsticks in the shade Dolce K and when I first put the lip kit on I thought I looked ridiculous. Don't get me wrong, both the liner and the liquid lipstick were really easy to apply and work with and they smell delicious. The liner is really creamy and one coat of the liquid is plenty and it dries really quickly. However, I have small lips and bad skin and all the pictures I see of people wearing Kylie's products have big lips and a complexion to die for. Thus, naturally the products look gorgeous (yes, that is a hint of jealously!). I am also unfortunate enough to have lots of fine lines in my lips which, unless I am smiling this does a good job of highlighting.

Overall, it took me a few attempts at wearing the kit with different make up looks for me to actually wear it out in public and for me it definitely looks better when I'm in a somewhat darker environment rather than broad day light. I do actually really like the liner and it works well with lots of another nude shades of lipstick that I have so I will probably get much more use out of it than the lipstick itself. I want to get another shade at some point, maybe one of the more pinker options and see if I can get my hands on one of her new glosses which have just been released. Considering I ordered mine just before the Easter bank holiday weekend the postage from LA to the UK was relatively quick and as everybody knows the packaging on these products is gorgeous, Kylie has really done a good job and I do recommend that people try the Lip Kit's because they seem so versatile and definitely work differently on different people.

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See you next week,

Beth x 

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