It's been a considerable amount of time since I last paid any attention to this blog and it wasn't until somebody questioned me about it that I thought about posting something.
Looking back, the last thing that I had written about was that I was about to start at my new job.
I cannot express enough how much my life has changed since then in ways that I hadn't even realised until now when I have sat down to write this.

First and foremost, starting at the new job I met new people who have since become my best friends. I won't diverge into how much I love them because if they read this they will probably never let me live it down, all I can say is that I am no longer the Will McKenzie of the group and I couldn't be more happier about that (they will understand what that means haha)

The relief of leaving toxic relationships behind is something I now understand better than ever and I now solely see the world through my eyes and not through an obstructed view of being held back by somebody else. As a result, my goals and aspirations have changed because I now feel like the world is my oyster as they say and that I really can do anything. With that in mind, I am half way through my degree now and have my heart set on joining NATS to become an Air Traffic Controller upon graduation. Having a clear path has made it easier for me to find the necessary motivation and I
finished my first year of university in the summer with a strong 2:1, something I am proud of.

As for my lifestyle changes I now live completely alone with just my kitten, Rolex, for company (also new since my last post on here!) and I love the freedom that this gives me, even if it did mean my parents moved away for me to get this new found sense of independency. For the record, your first Christmas away from the house you grew up in will never be the same.

Whilst still recognisable as me, I also feel as though I look very different from this time last year. I have lost a stone and a half of weight and feel much better within myself for having done so and my long brown curly hair is now a straightened blonde bob, much to my Mum's horror. More recently, I have also made the decision to adapt my diet to being gluten free to examine whether or not this is what has been causing health implications in recent years. So far the results have been very positive and I feel good having had no swelling of my ribs nor any headaches and I have felt much more proactive and less lethargic.

I think that is everything that has changed for now! Sorry, its been so long,


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